April 5 & 6

Sakura Days Japan Fair 2014

 We will be participating in Sakura Days Japan Fair! At the event, we will be selling Orizee Skin Care products.

 Orizee is the first Canadian Natural Gluten Free Artisan Skin care line created with the enzymatic power of SakeKasu and uniquely formulated to maximize skin performance.

 Visit our table and try samples. We look forward to meeting you there!

 We will not be selling our sake at the event, however, Sake Association of BC will be holding sake seminars and you will get to try our sake there! Don`t forget to participate in the seminar!

 Artisan SakeMakerはSakura Days ジャパンフェアに出展致します。


 Orizee はお米を主体とした、一切化学物質 、一切化学物質を含まないスキンケアー製品としてカナダで誕生しました。お肌の潜在能力を最大限に引き出し、みずみずしく、透き通るように明るく、輝きのあるお肌にするために 肌にするために自然な原料だけで作ら



 当日はお酒の販売はございませんが、酒アソシエーションBCによる日本酒セミナーにてArtisan SakeMakerのお酒のサンプリングが行われます。ぜひご参加くださいませ!

February 15 - 16

Winterruption 2014: Meet Your Makers Tour

February 15 - February 16

Tickets available from brownpapertickets.com

Join award-winning travel writer John Lee as he explores the “spiritual” side of Granville Island! Visit Dockside Brewery and Granville Island Brewing Company for tours and tastings; try locally made sake at Artisan Sake Maker, and at our newest addition to the social scene, Liberty Distillery, learn the art of distilling vodka, gin and whiskey.

February 1

Palate Promenade - Granville Island Discoveries

Tickets available from dineoutvancouver.com

Meet at The Granville Island Hotel, 1253 Johnston Street

Ever wish you could go to Granville Island and just eat everything? Presented by Vancouver Foodster and Granville Island, this new event will allow you to do just that, well almost. Visit over 10 Island merchants including restaurants, breweries, Canada`s only Sake distillery, butchers, bakers and more.

Following your "passport" as your guide, you will enjoy bites, sips and samples as well as have a chance to meet the chefs, tour breweries and distilleries and discover more around the island.

Participating merchants include some of the Granville Island`s best including: Dockside Restaurant, Dockside Brewing Co., Bread Affair, ChocolaTas, Jackons Poultry, Artisan Sake Maker, Backstage Lounge, Oyama Sausage and more.

Please arrive at the Granville Island Hotel early to allow time for registration.

*includes food and beverage samples at participating locations. Tax and gratuities not included.

August 28 2013

Orizee Testimonial - Li Lian (shortwidenails)

Li Lian, from shortwidenails has written a great review about our Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream!

A little intro about Li Lian:

I`m Li Lian. =) I am a beauty blogger that splits her time in Vancouver, BC Canada and Blaine, WA USA

Li Lian`s review:

A few weeks ago the company Orizée contacted me and asked me if I would like to review a product from their skincare line. 

What I found out about Orizée is that they are located on Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C.  The main ingredient in their products is SakeKasu, this is the nutrient dense, probiotic fermented rice paste that results from sakemaking.

Orizée`s skincare line is gluten free, cruelty free, and paraben free.

Continue reading her review from her website here -> http://shortwidenails.blogspot.ca/2013/08/orizee-hydrating-cream-review.html


August 26 2013

Orizee Testimonial - Teresa

My skin is combination and on the oily side.

  • Liked the fresh, citrus-y smell
  • The texture was a bit thick, like rice pudding. It went on a little thick too, but provides pretty good coverage
  • It felt tingly on my skin when it first goes on
  • Gave my skin a nice matte finish and lasted longer than my regular product
  • After the 2 week trial period, I didn’t notice any significant changes to my skin, except it was slightly less oily

August 12 2013

Orizee Testimonial - Angela (Not an Obsession)

Angela, from Not an Obsession has written a great review about our Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream!

A little intro about Angela:

A 21 year old in Vancouver BC with random beauty ramblings. Follow me to see what`s in my makeup stash.

Angela`s review:

Hi everyone, I`m really excited to write my first sponsor review! I was recently contacted by Orizee to try out their moisturizer. I was given enough of a sample to use for a week and no other compensation was given. This post will be my honest opinion.

Continue reading her review from her website here -> http://notanobession.blogspot.ca/2013/08/review-orizee-yuzu-shiso-hydrating-cream.html

August 6 2013

Orizee Testimonial - Jasmine (Posing In Vintage)

Jasmine, from Posing In Vintage has written a great review about our Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream!

A little intro about Jasmine:

"I love expressing myself through the clothing I wear. Being heavily influenced by vintage fashion I source a lot of my one of a kind pieces from thrift stores and vintage boutiques. Clothing is the paint supplies I use to cover the canvass of life. "

Jasmine`s review:

"I am so delighted to have received some sample sized YUZU AND SHISO HYDRATING CREAM from O R I Z É E, the First Canadian Natural Gluten Free Artisan Skin care line created with the enzymatic power of SakeKasu and uniquely formulated to maximize skin performance."

Continue reading her review from her website here -> http://www.posinginvintage.com/2013/08/o-r-i-z-e-e-skincare-products.html

July 29 2013

Orizee Testimonial - Sonja Arntzen

"I am delighted to be invited to comment on the Orizee products.  I have become a great fan of the eye serum and moisturizer.  

I was very pleased, by the way, of the change of your packaging on the eye serum.  The first one I bought with the steel ball did not work, so I always had to remove the top part to use the serum.  This new ball, whatever it is, glass or hard plastic, works brilliantly.  I am afraid I didn`t become as big a fan of the bamboo polish.  It seemed a bit gummy to me and I could not feel any polishing action. 

But that is just feedback for the process of improving your products.  And perhaps the polish is a hit with other customers and needs no improvement at all..  Everyone`s tastes are so individual. I have become a big fan of the Orizee moisturizer line.  The rejuvenating eye serum goes on so smoothly with the innovative rolling ball applicator.  I have never had an eye moisturizer that absorbed so quickly and completely into the delicate tissue around the eye. 

My eyes are quite sensitive to cosmetics and I had almost given up finding an eye cream that would not irritate them, but the Orizee eye serum is very soothing.  And I have noticed a marked decrease in wrinkles and puffiness.  The yuzu and shiso hydrating cream is also a favourite.  It invigorates as well as moisturizes. 

The delicate natural fragrances from two of the most subtle flavouring agents in Japanese food evoke fond memories of Japan. These cosmetics smell good enough to eat.

Sonja Arntzen

July 25 2013

The Power Of Sake Kasu


A touch of Japan to British Columbia: “Orizée, a skin care line that brightens and offers nutrition to the skin.”

Sake Kasu, the main ingredient in Orizee products, is the nutrient dense, probiotic fermented rice paste that results from sake (Japanese Rice Wine) making. Sake Kasu is highly valued as food, medicine, and as an anti-aging treatment, and is abundant in essential amino acids.

Sake makers have beautiful skin”. In Japan, sake makers are known for their beautiful skin and hands. During the sake making progress, sake makers are constantly in contact with Sake Kasu, giving them the youthful and white skin.

In recent years, sake kasu & sake based cosmetics have become increasingly popular. One of the reasons why Sake Kasu stimulates cell rejuvenation & acts as an anti-aging agent is because of Kojic Acids.

Kojic Acid, a by-product of the fermentation process of Japanese sake, helps decrease your skin`s ability to form melanin found in age spots and freckles. Research has revealed that Kojic Acid is very good at inhibiting melanin production in the skin, & sake itself has been found to keep your skin moist when applied to your skin.  

It has been used extensively in Japan and in other Asian countries, and research has shown it to “not produce any side effects and recommended even for hypersensitive skin"

July 23 2013

Orizee Monitoring

Orizee is currently conducting a monitoring program for our Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating face cream. Anyone can apply to become a monitor, and we`re looking forward to hearing everyone`s comments and feedback! We would also like monitors to post before/after photos, testimonials, owns blogs, and be active on social media.

Each monitor receives 2 samples to be used twice a day, morning and night, for a week.  Cleanse the face and then apply twice a day.  If monitors wish to make up putting powder, foundation cream or anything else, that`s fine.  Although sakekasu, a major ingredient works as natural sun screen, if they wish to apply sunscreen lotion or cream, on top of the cream, that`s fine too.

Applicants can apply from our online form here ->  Monitoring Application.